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Sit Back and Enjoy a Glass of Your Wine

Goodfellas Cafe & Winery has a full line of Reds, Whites, and Fruit Infused concentrate Kits from all over the world. We teach you how to make your very own wine with private classes on your schedule. We design custom labels for your wine whether its just to share with friends, business gifts, or special events. At the end of 3 months, you will be enjoying your very own wine, with your own labels, with all your friends! 

Wine Kit List

Concentrate Wine Kits without skins

     Reds                                                                    Whites

Pinot  Noir                   Malbec                          Pinot Grigio                Chardonnay

Cabernet                     Bergamis                          Sauvignon Blanc        Zinfandel Blush

Merlot                       Petite Sirah                                        Johannisberg Riesling 

Sangiovesse / Merlot          

Concentrate Wine Fruit kits

Orange Seville Sangria                                                      Kiwi Melon Pinot Grig

Blackberry Merlot                                                               Raspberry White Zin

Cranberry Chianti                                                               Strawberry Riesling

Black Cherry Pinot Noir                                                     Peach Chardonnay

Blueberry Shiraz                                                                Raspberry Zinfandel   

Concentrate Wine Kits with skins

Chilean Malbec              Italian Brunello                         Ontario Sauvingnon Blanc

Italian Barolo                  Washington Merlot                  Johannisberg Reisling

S. African Pinotage             Amerone                             White Zinfandel

Italian Zinfandel             Super Tuscan                           Australian Chadonnay

Rosso Grande                California Pinot Noir                 Italian Pinot Grigio

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